Where did you come from? ~ Laurie moved here from Richmond, VA in 2005. She wanted to open a hybrid gallery space in order to make original art more accessible to more people. Ghost Gallery was founded in 2006 with this goal in mind, as she began independently curating shows at various venues around the city. After sharing a dynamic art & music space with Gossamer Collective in 2009, Ghost moved into their existing Capitol Hill location in April of 2010.

Do you accept credit cards? ~ We do! All kinds.

Do you offer Layaway on jewelry and art? ~ Absolutely, on most items. Just ask!

How do you find your jewelry and mini art? ~ We do a lot of research when choosing which artists and designers we’d like to represent here at Ghost. There is a Call for Art page on this site where you can submit your information. We also seek out new talent on a regular basis by scouting out Etsy shops, art openings, local Festivals and Craft shows, etc.

How can I show my art here? ~ Please refer to the Calls for Art page on this site, where we post information about current calls, upcoming opportunities, what kind of work we’re looking for, etc. While we may not be able to personally respond to every submission we receive, it’s important that we always pay attention to what’s out there (and we really enjoy seeing what you do, whether or not it may be a strong fit the gallery)! Please do not submit your art via Facebook, it may get missed.

You’re hard to find! ~ It’s true, we can be tricky to find if you’re not familiar with this area. We are tucked in a beautiful courtyard at the corner of E Denny Way and Summit Ave, behind the St. Florence Apt Building. When you hit the Denny triangle, either coming up Denny or Olive Way, you’ll see a wooden fence next to Hillcrest Market. There we are!

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