Curatorial Services

Before Ghost Gallery acquired a brick & mortar gallery space in Capitol Hill in 2010, Laurie curated art shows around Seattle in both traditional and non-traditional venues. We still offer this service to business owners, non-traditional gallery spaces and independent art collectors.

Exhibiting art in your business not only enlivens the space, it also helps provide more opportunities for local artists. By doing this, you’re connecting with your neighborhood, attracting new customers and showing that you value the local economy. Many business owners don’t have time to do the curatorial work required to reach out to artists, install and promote, document and handle sales, which is where we come in.

Services include:

Artist Recruitment/Communications

Portfolio Viewings (choosing art that best fits your space)

Installation and Documentation, De-installation

Promotional Assistance (Art Walk, Social Media, Etc)

Sales and Inquiry Handling

Andrew Smith Wakefield at Front Seat in the Oddfellows Building, Feb-Mar 2014

Andrew Smith Wakefield at Front Seat in the Oddfellows Building, Feb-Mar 2014

Saint John’s Bar & Eatery on Pike St, work by Counsel Langley, 2012

Jesse Link at Kylie’s Chicago Pizza, Fremont, 2011

Angela Ciccu at Stylus Salon, Belltown, 2011

Craig Van den Bosch, Solo Bar, Lower Queen Anne, 2011

Andie deRoux at The Forge Lounge, Pioneer Square/Downtown 2011

Current clients include:

Saint John’s Bar & Eatery in Capitol Hill
Edie’s Shoes in Capitol Hill
Stylus Salon & Spa in Belltown
Rocco’s Lounge in Belltown
Solo Bar in Uptown


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