Harvest: Paintings by Angie Lazzar Now on View!

Featuring new and recent work by Angie Lazzar
Aug. 11th – Sept. 4th
Angie Lazzar is a self-taught artist from Seattle with a background in graphic and interior design. Inspired by her children and her own life’s journey, her work is a personal narrative of love, vulnerability, and transition. She uses classic symbolism, a dark palette / primarily acrylic on wood, and engaging characters to tell her story. Angie has exhibited in California and Washington State.
More info at http://www.angielazzar.com/
Also available online: http://ghostgalleryshop.com/


The Messenger, 24″ x 24″ acrylic on wood

Coming up next:
The Art of the Tarot
Over 30 local & global artists present Tarot cards, decks, prints and more
Opens Thursday, Sept. 8th 2016


Wooden Tarot Deck & Cloth by A.L. Swartz


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