Harvest: Paintings by Angie Lazzar Now on View!

Featuring new and recent work by Angie Lazzar
Aug. 11th - Sept. 4th
Angie Lazzar is a self-taught artist from Seattle with a background in graphic and interior design. Inspired by her children and her own life’s journey, her work is a personal narrative of love, vulnerability, and transition. She uses classic symbolism, a dark palette / primarily acrylic on wood, and engaging characters to tell her story. Angie has exhibited in California and Washington State.
More info at http://www.angielazzar.com/
Also available online: http://ghostgalleryshop.com/


The Messenger, 24″ x 24″ acrylic on wood

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The Art of the Tarot
Over 30 local & global artists present Tarot cards, decks, prints and more
Opens Thursday, Sept. 8th 2016


Wooden Tarot Deck & Cloth by A.L. Swartz


One thought on “Harvest: Paintings by Angie Lazzar Now on View!

  1. Angie Lazza is my daughter’s icon. She admires her, love her works and is always recreating anyone she comes across. She could sit for hours analyzing her painting and trying to make something out of it. I so wish she could meet her in person and show her all she has painted. Angie Lazza is really very inspiring and a lot of people look up to her for motivation.

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