Bell Jar II: Art Under Glass Shelter Opens at Ghost Gallery, Seattle


Brandon Vosika, “Haunted Room I.” Mixed media, glass bell jar, 7.5in. x 7in., 2016. Ghost Gallery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of downtown Seattle opened its 2nd Annual Bell Jar Group Exhibition last Thursday evening, March 10th to an excited group of art-opening attendees. This group show features twenty-eight local and national artists who display interior worlds of their own creation, but all placed under the sheltering environment of a glass bell jar. Gallery Founder and Independent Curator Laurie Kearney created and debuted this exhibit concept last March and promises to offer a yearly version with a mix of new and re-appearing artists from prior years.

Seattle-based illustrator/painter Brandon Vosika’s two pieces on display, Haunted Room I and Haunted Room II offer up the perfect mood of dark yet humorous interplay among the forty or so pieces in this exhibition. Seattle artist and Visual Arts Editor at City Arts Magazine

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