Counsel Langley + Amelia Layton Reed on view, and here’s what’s next!

Ghost Gallery is now showing  Port Townsend artist Counsel Langley and LA-based artist Amelia Layton Reed. This exhibit marks the final installment of Ghost’s 8-month series featuring
all female-identifying artists in the main gallery for 2015.
On view through Sun, Nov. 8th

Counsel Langley lives and works in Port Townsend. For this exhibit, she is introducing new mixed media works, along with a selection of pieces from her “Nights on Planet Earth” series, among others. Counsel’s work is visibly influenced by urban structure/decay, geometry, systems, grids and the human form.

“Always Evening” 2015, mixed media on canvas

Amelia Layton Reed was born in Seattle, and now lives and works in LA, California. Her paintings are rich with color, vibrant fields that gently hint at organic forms.
“This body of work is a departure for me and yet, in many ways it is a simple continuation of my body of work as a whole. I have been exploring mathmatical and philosophical ideas of infinity and Other, inspired by the loss of a loved one and my Mom’s battles with cancer. By working in and against my own formal rules I create works that do not follow logical criteria but are created to offer only questions. These new works were made with a focus on color and memory allowing form to fall away. I am trying to give a visual description to an indescribable invisible unknown. Understanding this is an exercise in futility I find solace knowing the questions will never be answered, what is important is that I am asking them. My work strives to collapse the difference between our world and Other, visible and invisible, life and death.”

“Sisyphus Sings” 2015, acrylic on canvas

Coming Up:

Mosquito Noise featuring new & recent work by
Nick Bartoletti, T. S. Flock, Sarah Teasdale and Cait Willis
Each artist explores the interference and influence of technology through new media,
installation, digital renderings and painting.
Opens Thursday, Nov. 12th 5-9pm
On view through Sunday, Dec. 6th

"Orange and Blue Pixels" mixed media on canvas by Sarah Teasdale

“Orange and Blue Pixels” mixed media on canvas by Sarah Teasdale


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