Ghost Gallery


We exhibit a unique selection of handmade jewelry,
greeting cards, vintage apparel & decor:

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Alisa Wagner (Seattle)

BrynnAlexis (Seattle)

Steampunk Pendants and Earrings by BrynnAlexis!

Maple and Mauve (Seattle)

Bamboo Chevron Pendant, $30

Silversheep Jewelry (Seattle)

Hand-formed copper and agate pendant, $48

Elizabeth Patterson Jewelry (Seattle)

Triple Quartz Necklace with Metal accents, $46

Sarah Ogren (Illinois)

Sarah Ogren’s mixed media collage pendants!

Idle Hands Designs (Seattle)

My Bloody Valentine Sutured Heart pendant in Oxidized Bronze (image by artist)

IeNebulous Jewelry (Seattle)

Jade, Agate, Lava, Metal, Bronzite and more~

J. McCormick Designs (Seattle)

Sterling & Garnet Ring by J.McCormick Designs!

M.Frances Designs (Seattle)
new items coming soon!

Authored Adornments (Seattle)

Winter is Coming Pendant by Authored Adornments!

Olivia Lazer and The Big Ugly (Seattle)
new items coming soon!

Natalie Joy (Portland)

Mixed Chain & Silver necklace by Natalie Joy!

Orange Box Jewelry (Seattle)
new items coming soon!

MuchoDesign (Seattle)

Magpie Mouse Studios (Seattle)

new items coming soon!

Woodii (Seattle)

Terrarium necklaces and earrings by Woodii, $30-$45

Peace and the Poet (Seattle)

The Mila Necklace by Peace and the Poet! Image by Kirby Calvin, Model: Keisha Harris

Studio Hx3 (NY)

Black Bead & Gold Chain Necklace by Studio Hx3!

&c. Jewelry (Seattle)

&c. Jewelry’s Vintage Watchbands w/Stones & Charms!

Botanical Bird (Portland)

Vintage Lockets w/Animals by Botanical Bird!

Dorothy Cheng (Seattle)

Sterling Rings & Fine Gem Work by Dorothy Cheng!

Fable & Fury (Seattle)

Lasercut Steel Earrings & Necklaces by Fable&Fury!

Lichen & Lychee (Seattle)
new items coming soon!

Foamy Wader (Seattle)

Smokey Quartz and 14kt gold fill tiered earrings, $50

Mrs. Robinson’s Affair (Seattle)

Carnelian & Sterling drop earrings, $34

The Bittersweet Project (NY-SEA)

“Sun Ray” Earrings, laser cut gold & steel

Mara Fitch (Seattle)

Hand-strung glass beads and feather pendant

White Owl (Michigan)
new items coming soon!

Greeting Cards by:
Anne La Fever
Kelly J Brownlee
Lisa Mei Ling Fong & David Dayton
Nicola Rowlands (Totes, Cards & Gifts, UK)
Orange Twist
Yardia (Cards, Journals & Prints)

The ReRunRoom Furniture, Apparel & Decor
Wolfchildren Vintage Apparel & Accessories
Suspiria Vintage Apparel
Kelly J Brownlee Vintage, Cards & Mini Art
The Anne Bonny Decor

A curated selection of boutique reds, whites & bubbly, sold to go.

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