“Our Kingdom” Tintypes & Macro Photography Exhibit, plus New Independent Designers for Fall


Michelle Smith-Lewis
Portrait of a Bracken Fern
Wet Plate Collodion, Tintype
Triptych (4×5’s), framed 21×15

Even though the weather is still very warm (which is a lovely surprise), you can feel the chill starting to creep in on the night air, and the buzz of the changing season is all around. Our September exhibit, “Our Kingdom,” complements this shift in our environment. Featuring tintypes by Michelle Smith-Lewis and macro photography by Sarah Smith, this show places two very different, old vs. new, photographic techniques side by side. Both artists chose botanical portraits as their subject, and both collections equally draw the viewer in to the incredible detail of our regional flora often missed by the naked eye. These portraits are quiet, subtly haunting and meaningful.
Artist Reception Thursday, Sept. 11th, 5-9pm
On view through Monday, Oct. 6th, 2014

New Jewelry arriving this month!
Iron Oxide Designs (Portland)
The Sour Hour (Seattle)
The Small Beast (Seattle)
Idle Hands Designs (Seattle)

The Small Beast’s Moonstone Coffin Nail Necklace