Now on View “CHROMATIC: A Watercolor Exhibition”


Now on View through August 11th, 2014:

Ghost Gallery is pleased to present “Chromatic,” a group exhibition of stellar local artists focusing on the innovative uses of watercolor.

Using watercolor as the primary medium for this exhibit, Seattle artists Braden Duncan, Chandler Woodfin, Levi Hastings, Rich M Stevens and Siolo Thompson explore the many ways that watercolor can be expressed onto canvas, paper and glass (exception: Siolo is presenting two water-themed oil paintings for the show).
Work is also available ONLINE

Bike Messenger by Levi Hastings, 12″x16″ (20″x26″ framed) watercolor on paper, 2014

“Toothy Mountain” Chandler Woodfin, 6″x6″ watercolor on paper 2013

Siolo Thompson’s “Soon We Will all Fade Into the Light” 18″x36″ oil on canvas, 2014

Braden Duncan’s “Purity Unchained” 2014, 16″x20″ watercolor (framed)

Rich Stevens “if it gets late enough someone will have a bad idea” 13.75″ x 25.75″ mixed media, 2014