Coming up for June: Cait Willis, Emily Clark, Sasha Robinson!


We have a very art-filled June planned for you!  New work by Seattle painter Cait Willis, a Pop-Up show by emerging artist Emily Marie Clark, and a gorgeous jewelry trunk show by Sasha Robinson. Here are the details:

Catastrophe Museum: New Work by Cait Willis
Catastrophe Museum is based on the writings of JG Ballard, which “focus on the weird forms human normality can take” (quote from Toby Litt, The Guardian).”

Artist Reception Thurs, June 12th 5-9pm
On view through Monday, July 7th, 2014

Cait continues to examine the Glitch and “how smart media affects our lives, work and relationships, and the inherent Ghost in the Machine that could be considered the inherently human imperfection that these glitches are. I use what is called Safari Data Mosh, where I hunt and gather images as they occur in various gadgets. These have grown into white noise paintings based off lo-fi TV snow, QR code portraits…as well as pieces that explore human branding. Drawing with the glitchy images as they flit by in nanoseconds, these are paintings as well as giclee editions..machine-made, yes, human.”

image: Broken iPhone (Kyle), mixed media on canvas 2013

“Broken iPhone (Kyle)” by Cait Willis, mixed media on canvas 2013


THIS END UP: A 3-day pop up exhibit featuring original drawings by
Emily Marie Clark

Artist Reception Fri, June 20th 6-9pm
On view through Sunday, June 22nd

“Anatomical” by Emily Marie Clark, drawing on paper, 2014

Remarkable Power: New Jewelry designs by Sasha Robinson
Friday, June 27th, 6-8pm.
On view through Sunday, June 29th

Remarkable Power “wing box” by Sasha Robinson, 2014 brass, fortune on paper

We hope to see you soon!