2013 Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganza Now on View!

Kirsten Furlong (ID) "Re:Thread Snake" 8"x8" mixed media on board


It’s that time again, to indulge our obsession for all things Miniature. It’s time for the annual Ghost Gallery Holiday Mini Art Extravaganza, since 2006!

This year we are excited to be partnering up with our friends over at West Seattle’s Twilight Gallery, AND All City Art in Georgetown, who will also be having Holiday Mini Shows…So there will be three wonderful places to find 100’s of small works of art to give to friends and family, or some treasures to add to your own collection.

NOW ON VIEW! Show runs through Monday, January 6th, 2014

Brian Britigan “New Growth” 2013, 5″x7″ pencil & gouache on paper

*All pieces will be available to take home after the opening reception on the 14th.*

2013 Artist List:

Aaron Morgan
Alan Hurley (PDX)
Alice Savage (Italy)
Amanda Sartor
Amber Anderson
Anne La Fever
Braden Duncan
Brian Britigan
Bridgeen Gillespie (N. Ireland)
Brooke Borcherding
Brooke Griffin (Hollywood)
Brooke Weston (Portland)
Cait Willis
Charlene Blackwell
Chris Maynard (Olympia)
Chrishanthi Liaropoulou (Athens, Greece)
Chuck Knigge (Tacoma)
Cindy Steiler (Florida)
Clare Johnson
Clarita Hinojosa
Daniel Carrillo
Dominique Olivina
Eli Wolff
Erika Rier (Tacoma)
Erin Kendig
Grant Rehnberg
Jake Reller
James C. Bassett
Jeanie Lewis
Jeanine McWhorter (CA)
Jennifer Zwick
Jesse Link
Jessica Kelly (VA)
Jody Joldersma
Kathleen Houseman (Bellingham)
Kirsten Furlong (ID)
Larkin Cypher
Laurel Mundy
Levi Hastings
Libby Bulloff & Stephen Robinson
Lindsay Kohles (Bellingham)
Lisa Mei Ling Fong
Lorie Hoffman
Megan Bishop
Mimi Sturman
Momo Street
Monika Dalkin
Natalia Czajkiewicz
Rachel Setzer
Rich M. Stevens
Robert Bellm
Ronnie Taylor
Sara Ewalt (Pinyadayada!)
Seb Barnett
Shelly Engels
Susan Rotondo (Redmond)
Twozdai Hulse
Vikram Madan
Vincent Capdepuy