Gallery Internship Available!

We are seeking a very part-time gallery assistant for fall! This is an unpaid internship that would begin in September and continue through the Holiday season. A great resume builder and a chance to take part in the day to day workings of a local gallery hybrid. Some perks include a % on sales, intern discount, a place to work on your own writing/drawing/online projects and a way to meet wonderful new people in the Seattle art community! Perfect for students or those who normally work from home.

The qualified applicant would be responsible for the following:

Gallery coverage on Mondays or Wednesdays from 11-7pm (schedule is negotiable): Handle artist inquiries, check in new art and retail inventory, proper art handling, occasional light “retail” maintenance (sweeping, changing bulbs, dusting shelves), sales, some merchandising.
Online Marketing: Our online shop is growing! Intern would add new inventory to the site, watch for new orders, package sold items for shipping and refresh product selection.

Other tasks to be assigned as needed~

Please use our contact form and include the following:
Statement of Qualifications
Your top 3 favorite artists and/or designers and why
Position available until filled. Experience preferred, can train as needed.


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