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“Your art collection — if you can call it that — consists of a faded dogs-playing-pool print (inherited from an ex), a “Kiss the Cook” kitchen plaque (a well-meaning gift from your mom), and a refrigerator masterpiece by your 5-year-old niece.

Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade? Score something fab at Capitol Hill’s petite Ghost Gallery, where owner Laurie Kearney curates a whimsical collection of art for nonsnobs. In addition to the gallery’s eclectic prints and mixed media work, Kearney peddles artisan wares such as handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, and gift items like greeting cards by local designers and boutique wine.

Get ready to raise the bar. Offer runs until April 5th!”

Turquoise pendant necklace by Emerald Medusa, on gunmetal chain, $34 ~ image by Ronnie Taylor

Vintage Bunny locket by Botanical Bird, $28 - image by Botanical Bird

Serrah Russell's original Polaroid series, framed in 8"x10" white shadowbox frames. $150 each

Blue Gallery


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