Cait Willis: Mono no Aware, Opening Thurs, April 12th


Fairy Princess by Cait Willis, 20"x30" giclee print on canvas, 2012

Opening Thurs, April 12th 5-8pm
Cait Willis: Mono no Aware
All images are caused by weather wreaking havoc on the visual feed , thus causing a temporary pixelated hiccup. I attempt to capture these nanosecond mutations by taking up to hundred digital photographs when the weak signal occurs. Usually only a handful of the pictures depict the ideal results. It is in the randomness and the accident of the thing that the moment of mono no aware blossoms.
Some are images from television shows; these by being altered glitches are not a copyright infringement. Some from YouTube, are taken from stills of Voo-Doo , Wiccan and Satanic Ritual videos. The worse the quality of video, the better the glitch and resulting stills.


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