Chris Sheridan: A Collection of New and Recent Works, Now on View

Seattle-based painter Chris Sheridan presents us with a selection of his most recent work. Vibrant, energetic oils that shimmer right off the canvas. Chris transfers depth onto a flat surface in a way that makes his figures shift, while still being contained within a realistic, understandable structure.

We hope you can join us on Thursday, Feb. 9th during Capitol Hill’s BLITZ Art Walk. Meet the artist and experience these intensely narrative works face to face.

image:”Catalyst for loss” oil on canvas, 56″ x 28″
On view through March 5th, 2012
curated by Laurie Kearney
Catalyst for a Loss (detail) by Chris Sheridan

Works by Chris Sheridan

***Gallery (206), created by Todd Jannausch, will be living in the Ghost courtyard starting Sunday, Feb. 5th! Now you can enjoy this wonderful selection of miniature art right on Capitol Hill ~ We’re proud to have this ingenious portable gallery with us!*** Learn about it here:

***New Miniatures in the Petite Works Room! Featuring:
Craig Van den Bosch, Whiting Tennis, Angie Rosnick, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Counsel Langley, David Enriquez, Jeff Faerber & More***

Mini Haybales by Jeff Faerber, 3"x3" mixed media


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