Gallery (206) at Ghost! Plus, Pretty Valentine Gifts under $100…

A Warm Welcome to Gallery (206), created by Todd Jannausch!

“Our time is marked by instant and remote access to information, entertainment, and communication via the Internet, yet physical presence remains a stubbornly and undeniably important aspect of an artistic community. Gallery (206) seeks to emphasize the power of proximity by showcasing Seattle artists and their dedication to collaboration. The 206 area code symbolizes both a geographic region and the willingness to communicate

A re-purposed Seattle phone booth, Gallery (206) now contains the work of over 206 Seattle artists. 18 plexiglass windowpanes have been replaced with 18 original pieces of art. A solar panel now provides power to an installation built in to the overhead lighting panel and to the pay phone itself, which plays music when the receiver is lifted. At the heart of Gallery (206) is the phonebook, a directory containing the work of 206 Seattle artists working in every medium imaginable.”

Todd installing the Booth

We also have Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards & Books!

Burning Heart necklace by Fable & Fury, $25

Vintage button & Sterling necklace by Bittersweet Project! $50

Red & Opaque Italian Glass bead earrings by Bittersweet Project! $25

Brass, Gold fill & Geode necklace by Nikki Jacoby! $78

Brass & Gold fill Petal earrings by Nikki Jacoby! $86

Sterling silver-dusted Thorn earrings by Dorothy Cheng! $46

Sterling and Steel Spirograph necklace by Bittersweet Project! $39

Ruby, Whiskey Quartz & Smoky Quartz necklace (w/14kt gold fill chain) by Foamy Wader! $58

Black and Silver beaded cuff by Emerald Medusa! Stunning & Shimmery, $86


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