Upcoming Events

Surviving the snow & ice pile-up?
We are finally back open today, after a few days staying camped out at home, enjoying the pretty snowfall and staying warm. Back at the gallery, we’re catching up on things: Documenting new Jewelry (Nikki Jacoby!), switching out art in the Petite Works Room (Angela Rosnick, Craig Van den Bosch, David Enriqeuz & more), doing some mid-winter cleaning and feeling grateful that we’re still here!

As you may have heard, we had some flooding last week, which caused quite a bit of added up damage.
We have a FLOOD DEDUCTIBLE FUND going, and are SO thankful to everyone that has donated so far!
We’re throwing a party for everyone that donates (Valentine’s Day weekend, details TBA), and are welcoming all donors as new members of the gallery (20% off boutique items, 10% off mini art for 1 year!). Your help is much appreciated, as the insurance battle continues…

On View through Feb. 6th, 2012
Lelah Maupin: SCERD


Upcoming Exhibits:

Feb 2012:
A Collection of New and Recent Works
Feb. 9th – March 5th, 2012

Chris Sheridan's She takes him to the river (to bring in the spring), oil on canvas, 60" x 22"

March 2012:

(Washington, D.C.-based Photographer, Japanese-style pottery maker)

Roger Daltrey, image taken by Richard Busch


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