This Friday, Sept. 2nd! 911 Media’s “Move It! #3” with Duff Hendrickson, 7pm

“MOVE IT” #3! An Experimental Animation Series hosted by 911 Media Arts
One night only! 

Duff Hendrickson, an eccentric media-artist has been making film-video-art and animation art since 1970.

In his early years in Hawaii he made psychedelic short 16mm films, including an experimental film of Jimi Hendrix in Hawaii, Strange Day on Maui (1970), and was a pioneer of using film projection imagery in music concerts in the early 70s. In the 80s and 90s he retreated for years as a starving artist painter and struggling with a primitive 2D animation computer in a large drafty studio.

Hendrickson went to Vancouver Film School in 1996-97 to study 3D high end computer animation full-time, followed by 10 years at Seattle’s Human Interface Technology Lab illustrating scientists inventions and assisting virtual reality research.

At present Hendrickson is thinking retro, designing back to a more abstract and expressionistic style of animation art. He’s looking for ways to create mixed-media little theater shows that would incorporate interactive and live performance with layers of recordings. He dreams of future cyber-vaudevillian road-shows playing in old neighborhood movie theaters around the US and Europe.

The small exhibition at Ghost gallery on Sept 2nd will show some movie clips of his experimental styles.
One night Only!


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