Join us for MOON WORSHIP featuring local artists Kristien Ziska and Natalia Czajkiewicz. Feminine and Lunar-inspired paintings, prints and illustrations. 8/11-9/2/11

Show statement:
“We chose to worship the moon for the content of this collaborative art show based on its impact and significance on our daily lives. We have adorned it with space and time, gorgeous babes, nocturnal creatures, and celestial accompaniments. To us, the moon represents beautiful darkness, cloaked in mystery. The moon’s phases have a powerful effect on our behavior, however subtly. Tides align, cycles align, and even our moods fall into line with these phases. The moon has been the focus of pagan worship, sinister connotations, witches covens, and creatures of the night. The moon is always sharing a piece of itself with us. It is light in darkness, a sliver of hope or a big piece of cheese in the sky that has followed us on journeys from youth till current. Sacrifices to the moon have been far greater, and we are just trying to give it the credit it deserves, sans bloodletting.”

Kristien and Natalia

On view till Sept. 2nd, 2011

"Most Nights I Spent Howling Beside You" (DETAIL) by Natalia Czajkiewicz, 17x13" pencil, ink, acrylic on paper



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