GIRL MEETS UNIVERSE: New Work by Counsel Langley, Now on View

Counsel Langley's "Ready to Start 2," 8x8" acrylic, 2011

Artist Statement: “There’s these video games that involve beginning with a world that is almost entirely unexplored. It is all there in its entirety you just can’t see it yet; it is ‘undiscovered’. You get your start on some random swath of land that floats, as if under a spotlight, in a sea of black. As you progress through the game the spotlight expands to illuminate more and more territory. You are exploring and discovering. Perhaps, you started out in the desert, but eventually you hit an oasis, river, mountain range, tundra, rain forest etc. These places have significant differences from one another, yet despite these differences they are all part of the same world. They are subject to the same underlying laws of physics.

This is how I find myself describing my art practice. As I work over the years I am discovering and mapping wider swaths of a world inside my head. Some of the areas are quite different from others in appearance, mood, use of color, technique, or material, but they are part of the same world. So far, my work remains unified through certain ‘laws of physics.’ These laws continue to be a drive towards a balance between precisely applied tool use and allowing materials to follow natural tendencies. Jake Seniuk, Director of the Port Angeles Fine Arts puts it well: “Langley’s precisely textured mixed media paintings hinge on dynamic tension between an underlying architectonic structure and organic bleeds that ebb and flow.”

Through all of my work there is also the presence of massive scale shifts, from macro to micro and points between, so that much of the imagery I create is at once a star being born, a peek into a petri dish, and the explosions of dark light that are just behind one’s closed eyelids.

The works I am showing at Ghost Gallery this May are all bound by these continuing threads.

There is in them, as well, the fact that my life as a mother and an artist are completely entwined. So, that as I work the awareness of childhood and the constant emerging that defines it is always there. One aspect of this is that in seeing my girls develop and discover that which fascinates I am reminded viscerally of my own earliest loves. This comes out in several ways in this show . . . .

. . . Grids seem to be very useful to us humans.
On View May 12th-June 2nd, 2011

"Far North" by Counsel Langley, 36x36" mixed media

Strange Attractor (neutral grey) 8x48x5" mixed media


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