Cait Willis: “Weak Signals, Glitches, Criminal Minds & Sly Stallone” Now On View

Stallone Head 2, 30x40 acrylic on panel, $750

Paintings by Cait Willis

Weak Signals
A series
by Cait Willis


For the last year I have been taking photos from the television. Ever since getting a digital antennae, whenever it is windy outside the picture starts to stagger and pixelate.
I attempt to capture these nanoseconds
and then paint based on the results.

Two things particularly strike me as this series has taken form. Firstly that within the highly controlled environment that is a television show- the light crew, the make-up crew, the scripted-ness of the format’s very nature, it is highly ironic that a little bit of random weather can effect so greatly such a controlled image; can mess it up. Lastly, I like the randomness of the image. It allows me to focus on the mark-making, trying to rekindle in paint that static, that glitch.

Board Meeting 3 (SOLD) and All Rise by Cait Willis

10x10 Paintings by Cait Willis

On view through May 7th, 2011
Payment Plans available, please inquire. More images HERE


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